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CHRISTMAS CRACKER PARTY: 7 Ways to light up your Christmas Event

Often the organisation of the Corporate Christmas Event is left until the very last minute and invariably responsibility is given to someone that already has a crushing workload.  

Curious about how to be super organised for this years Christmas function without being stressed?

This FREE download reveals simple strategies to guide you in crafting a smooth, professional and FUN event!

  • Kickstart your Christmas party preparations NOW – don’t wait until November when the best venues will already have been snapped up and your calendar is brimming. Avoid the last minute rush and enjoy a stress-free planning process with these 7 great ideas.

  • Worried about budgeting? Our user friendly budget template has got you covered – no financial wizardry required!

  • Be super organised and impress your guests with seamless execution using our Christmas Event timeline and checklist.

  • And the best part? You can access all these resources absolutely free as our Christmas gift to you. Click the link below and we will send these valuable guides straight to your inbox.

Embracing change, Celebrating success!

Welcome to Winter 2023

Our remarkable Operations Manager, Paula Armstrong, recently led an internal workshop where we collectively re-evaluated our Company Values. It was an important exercise, considering the whirlwind of adaptations, contingencies, and rapid learning in delivering virtual events we've all experienced over the past few years. We were fascinated to discover the transformation of our priorities during this time. 

Now we have the opportunity to reaffirm that we are not just "talking the talk" but "walking the walk"!
Our commitment to authenticity, respect, transparency, integrity, and deep understanding remains unwavering. These values are the cornerstone of our endeavours and crucial to our continued success. Moreover, we hold the expectation that our clients reciprocate these values, fostering a relationship built on mutual respect. Read More...

Events and conferences are back in full swing

It has been great working with more organisations in recent months who are in the thick of planning their conferences and events for 2023 and 2024. Talking with our clients, it seems things are "back on the up", and in-person conferences and events are finally returning to pre-pandemic levels.

It is no secret that the events industry has faced huge disruption due to the pandemic. It is a real boost for our team to start the new year with more certainty so we can roll up our sleeves and plan and manage incredible events for our clients.  

So what’s changed in the event and conference planning space since Covid-19 hit our shores? Read More..... 

Collaborating, Re-imagining, and Re-calibrating for the Future

Talking to people we trust, respect, or can gain inspiration from, is just one of the numerous strategies that ForumPoint2 Conference Partners are initiating to help weather the economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have planned weekly chats with various people, all of whom are highly respected in their fields and can provide valuable perspectives on how to navigate the many challenges at hand. 

Isn’t a PCO a glorified secretary???

You've attended hundreds of zoom meetings and hosted some family online quizzes - so when you are asked to organise a 2-day virtual conference you embrace this as a glamorous and fun challenge!  Your company has a free zoom licence - you could just use that! 

Isn't a professional Conference Organiser (PCO) just an expensive glorified secretarial service? 

We can explain why it isn't and how our services support your everyday job. 

We have years of experience

We use specialist software

Tap into our trusted supplier networks

We offer efficient administration and financial management 


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